• I took the a private class with a bunch of my girlfriends as part of a bachelorette party. What a great experience. Our group consisted of some that shoot often and others that have never handled a gun ever. The instructors were great and everyone learned a ton. Absolutely the best experience we could have hoped for.

    Clarissa H

  • I took the Illinois Concealed Carry Class. Our instructor did a great job of making everyone feel comfortable and safe. Tom seemed to care a great deal for his students. I learned not only what I needed to know for the state requirements but also so much more. Tom taught us practical information on how to protect ourselves and how to avoid having to use deadly force.

    Randy T.

  • I took the Beyond Concealed Carry class and was very impressed. I expected to learn a few tricks and get some great practice but the class was so much more. After taking the class I now feel so much more secure in my abilities. I know I need to keep practicing but now I know how and what to practice to stay ready. Thank you Tom and Sheepdog staff!

    John S.